Lab of the Future Congress USA 2023 Review

On March 9th and 10th 2023, the AgiLab team attended as a proud sponsor of The Lab of the Future Congress USA, held at the Waterfront Boston Hotel in Boston, MA. AgiLab was among the twenty-eight companies exhibiting during the event (lab technology companies, consulting groups, lab designers and lab vendors). Approximately 500 people attended Lab of the Future USA, making it one of the biggest events in the lab digitalization industry.

Laboratories are still facing challenges that greatly slow down research progress. For example, many laboratories are still working with legacy systems from different vendors, resulting mostly in creating data siloes that lead to ineffective data management. However, for the past few years, we have witnessed visible changes in the pharmaceutical industry with the increasing adoption of digital technologies in labs, such as the use of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, connected objects (known as Internet of Things (IoT)) and automation. That shift defines the concept of “Lab 4.0” (Fourth Industry Revolution) and aims to accelerate innovation by streamlining and automating processes. With the emergence of new digital lab solutions every year, meetings with industry leaders become even more necessary to discuss the new innovations that will shape the lab of the future.

For that reason, AgiLab attended the Lab of the Future USA 2023 as an exhibitor to connect and discuss various topics focused on lab digital transformation. We were pleased to learn about new technologies established by the different exhibitors. For instance, Nymi created a biometric wearable called Nymi Band. It is worn on the wrist like a watch and allows lab workers to connect with multiple applications and systems across the laboratory. User authentication is made with fingerprints and to de-authenticate, the watch is simply removed. In that way, one Nymi Band can only be used by one person.

On the 10th March, our Head of Sales, Anahita Laskowski, even took the opportunity to discuss and inform about the obstacles and benefits met when a pharma company engages in a lab innovation initiative journey.

Overall, we were very satisfied with the event and it was a really good experience since it was our first time exhibiting in Boston. Meeting with people and sharing knowledge has been a great way to learn about our peers and understand the value our tools bring to customers.

As a lab digital transformation company for more than 10 years, we know well the challenges that laboratories face on their journey to digitize their laboratory processes, such as employees being resistant to change or misalignment between IT and end users. The AgiLab platform interface and applications available sparked some interests among attendees.

We look forward to participating in other events to explore new possibilities and connect with more people to keep learning and keep helping people to face their challenges in laboratories!

It was a busy and enjoyable two days! Thank you for visiting us.

Here is the link to get to know more about Lab of the Future if you are interested in attending the next event:

AgiLab.For any questions about AgiLab’s LIMSLES, ELN, EBR, or other lab of the future benefits, contact AgiLab.

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