Whitepaper – Enterprise Laboratory Informatics: A Platform for Digital Transformation

With pharmaceutical research and productivity becoming ever more costly, digital transformation is often seen as the route to improve innovation and reimagine the value cycle. Where the average cost of new drug development now exceeds $2.5 billion, and rising, global management consultants McKinsey believe that digital technologies can save $100 billion across the pharma industry this decade. Enterprise laboratory informatics can transform the journey with terms such as “digital laboratory” and “lab of the future” (LOF) being foremost in the industry. But what exactly is digital transformation, how does change happen, and how can life science CIOs leverage LOF technology?

The Digital Transformation Journey

Our whitepaper takes you through the key steps to digital transformation, highlighting three major evolutionary steps toward building your digital laboratory. From digitisation and information capture, through the electronic phase using applications such as electronic laboratory notebooks (ELN) or laboratory information management systems (LIMS), to the holistic digital phase, we detail all the steps involved.

Enterprise Laboratory Informatics

With many pharmaceutical and biotech companies having already transitioned from traditional paper to digital, multiple systems have often been deployed. However, disparate systems often suffer from a lack of integration, adding complexity, and effort to maintain multiple ELN and LIMS applications. Gartner believe that 25% of the top 100 life science R&D companies have dropped standalone ELNs for digitally-enabled lab informatics suites.

Our Unified Platform for Digital Transformation

AgiLab’s unified platform provides seamless digital transformation, aligning with Gartner’s five key elements of a digital business platform:
  • Digital workplace and collaborative capabilities.
  • Connected devices.
  • Connected systems.
  • Ability to work outside the system.
  • Insight engines, and AI technology.
AgiLab are already helping leading pharma companies and growing biotech firms transform to digital. Download our whitepaper “Enterprise Laboratory Informatics: A Platform for Digital Transformation” and see how we can help you build your lab of the future. To read the full AgiLab whitepaper, complete the following form and we will send you a link to your copy of the whitepaper.
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Download our whitepaper “Enterprise Laboratory Informatics: A Platform for Digital Transformation”