Security & Trust

Data, or more specifically, the efficient storage and management of data is the single most important aspect of the AgiLab solution, and the area that requires the biggest investment of trust from our clients.

Virtual Private Database

Whilst data availability is a key factor in effective collaboration it is still important to ensure that confidential and sensitive information only be accessible by those with the correct clearance level. This is a fundamental requirement and one that Agilab resolves through the use of a VPD (Virtual Private Database) Policy during user login.

Audit Trail

Ensuring that all interactions are logged and timestamped as part of a comprehensive audit policy is a requirement that is built in to most if not all the compliance guidelines covering laboratory functions. AgiLab audit trail settings can be configured for creation, modification, deletion or memory value change actions in case of data entry.

Security & Infrastructure

Ensuring data security whilst maintaining low latency access has always been a challenge. Protecting data behind multiple layers of encryption will guarantee security of course, however only intelligent management of data will also guarantee the retrieval speeds required for the lab of the future.

AgiLab protects customer data with Enterprise-proven Cloud Services which operates under practices with the ISO/IEC 27002 Code of Practice for information security controls. In addition, AgiLab invests in the most advanced and modern database cloud service that supports any size workload to large scale production deployment. Multi-layered, in depth security with encryption by default.

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