Join AgiLab at the Lab of the Future Congress USA 2024

Following the sell-out event 2023 event (9-10th March 2023), the Lab of the Future (LoTF) Congress USA is back in Boston once again for March 11th & 12th 2024. This time, the event moves to the Hilton Boston Park Plaza which is a larger venue than last year, in order to be able to support the continued growth of the Congress.

The annual conference focuses on the latest trends in laboratory digital transformation, and attracts key professionals, scientists, researchers, engineers, and Life Science CIOs from a wide spectrum of industries including biopharmaceutical, technology, healthcare, government, and academia.

This 2-days congress grants the opportunity to connect and discuss with professionals on how to address the challenges of novel technologies in research, development and manufacturing. Sharing insights with our peers allows to collate different experiences and gain further understanding on the evolving market of laboratory’s digital transformation, generating new ideas on how we could improve together the way lab could work.

AgiLab are proud sponsors of the event which will be attended by hundreds of life science research leaders in the most popular congress supporting biopharma R&D.

This year, we’ll show the capabilities of our Unified Laboratory Digital Platform which is designed to enhance the efficiency of research and development (R&D), quality control (QC) and regulatory compliance in laboratories. With our solution, our purpose is to provide adaptable capabilities that can be easily configured to meet specific workflows, in order to establish processes tailored to customer’s requirements.

For future attendees who don’t know us yet, LoTF will be a good chance to meet us face-to-face at our booth to discuss and have a better idea about what we do and how. At the same time, we’ll be happy to connect with new people and learn more about their projects and reason of their attendance to the event.



Register for the Lab of the Future USA 2024 and get your delegate pass (not for profit pass, pharma/ biotech pass and standard pass available)

For any questions regarding AgiLab, please contact us here.

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