Gartner Market Guide for Laboratory Informatics

AgiLab has been named as a representative vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Laboratory Informatics.

The research publication recognises that organisations are under extreme pressure to expedite lab operations and are not keeping up. With current vendors and typical approaches to infrastructure limiting acceleration, lab CIOs are invited to revaluate their approach in line with digital “lab of the future” (LoF) strategy.

The key findings of the Gartner guide are:

  • Newer players in lab informatics are offering capabilities such as LIMS workflows part of a larger suite or platform, making the vendor selection process more difficult.
  • Single-purpose lab IT applications have inadvertently limited aggressive Research and Development (R&D), quality, and manufacturing goals.
  • Few clients report that vendors have been supporting both R&D and manufacturing across the entire product lifecycle, and most vendors have been focused on just one of these aspects, or too industry specific.
  • Lab informatics is a broad category and vendors have traditionally pitched niche capabilities. Often requiring extensive professional services to integrate, they don’t always support business goals including cost-reduction, speed, or new product discovery.

Whilst Gartner neither endorses nor recommends any vendors, they do strongly suggest that life science CIOs should focus on future strategies.

LS CIOs should determine platform requirements and assess lab of the future (LoF) strategy whilst reviewing lab platforms that match their organisation’s needs. Further, they should prioritise enterprise enable to maximise ROI and evaluate vendors’ integrated capabilities.

In the Gartner market guide, AgiLab was named as a representative vendor for:

  • LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)
  • LES (Laboratory Execution System)
  • Platform (AgiLab Unified Laboratory Digital Platform)
  • Multifunctional Domain Lab Informatics Solutions

For any questions about AgiLab’s LIMS, LES, or other lab of the future benefits, contact AgiLab.

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